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There Still Exist Many Disadvantages for Jaw Crushers

[Nov 15, 2014 ]

Although jaw crushers have been the most popular tools in daily industrial life, they have also disadvantages in practice.

Here we will introduce two main shortcomings of jaw crushers in the aspect of industrial production and crushing technology.

First, let’s look into the jaw crushers’ defect in the industrial production. As the current industry develops, it provides a lot of opportunity for the metal and non-ferrous metal as the construction materials in the market. The social economy needs more and more crushing machines with high quality made by strong enterprises like us.

So far China’s brittle materials have reached about 1.5 billion ton that all need to be crushed and ground. The jaw crusher we use right now is single bracket crusher which can only work half of the whole work hour. This is the weakness of the crushing machine.

Second, shortcoming and weakness exist in the crushing technology of the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher can’t complete the multi-function handling process. When the crusher works, it can’t completely separate the materials by using the traditional crushing technology and the over crushing phenomenon happens often which reduces the useful parts and produces too much waste. What’s more, the high energy consumption has made the crushing process not so ideal. It’s hard for the crusher to finish the fine crushing process.

We usually complete the crushing process through multiple stages. As the crushing machine is large and heavy, it will take much space during the installation. The jaw crusher is not good at the energy saving performance because it consumes a large amount of electricity and steel.

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